Crusher Plant

Jaw Crusher

Jaw Crusher Structure

The jaw crusher is composed of bearing, eccentric shaft, moving jaw plate, fixed jaw plate, spring, toggle plate, side liner, etc.

Jaw Crusher Diagram & Jaw Crusher Features

  • High Reliability
    The movable jaw assembly is composed of high-quality steel castings, and the heavy eccentric shaft is processed by forging stock so that the equipment has extraordinary reliability and durability.
  • High Strength
    We adopt the finite element analysis technology, and the integral cast steel bearing block guarantees the complete cooperation with the frame, greatly enhances the radial strength of the bearing block so that the equipment has a higher strength.
  • Strong Bearing Capacity
    Larger and more durable eccentric shaft bearings and toothed guard plates make the equipment has a stronger bearing capacity, higher output and longer service life.

Cone Crusher

Cone Crusher Structure

Cone crusher consists of frame, transmission part, eccentric bushing, bearing, spring part, inner crushing cone, lubrication system, hydraulic system and control system.

Cone Crusher Features

  • High Performance and Low Cost
    The cone crusher has stable performance, high production efficiency and uniform particle size.
  • Safe and Reliable Operation
    The large diameter shaft and the heavy duty main frame ensure the durability and firmness of the equipment. The multi-point lubrication system guarantees the automatic safety protection of the equipment.
  • Easy to Operate and Maintain
    All components can be disassembled from the top or side. And the hydraulic cavity cleaning system can quickly clean the crushing chamber, greatly reducing the downtime.


Screen Features

  • It has a simple structure, light weight, low noise, steady running, large feeding capacity, low cost, easy installation and maintenance.
  • The material moves forward continuously according to the parabolic track, so the trough wears little.
  • Because the material flow can be changed and closed instantaneously, the feeding quantity has high accuracy.
  • It has a low bearing load. Due to the strong vibration of the trough, the phenomenon of material blocking the sieve hole is reduced, so that the sieve has a higher screening efficiency.