Quick Coupler

Convenience with a coupler

A quick coupler is an investment that adds convenience and flexibility to a fleet in just about every application. Without a coupler, switching between a bucket, ripper, rake, mechanical grabs, etc., can cost valuable time. Although couplers might make the machine heavier and slightly reduce the breakout force, they increase the speed and agility of attachment change out. Considering traditional change outs can take up to 20 minutes, a quick coupler can be transformational for decreasing the time it takes to tackle a job that requires different attachments.

Applicable Excavator 5-89-1917-2523-30
Pin to pin center distanceMM290-360380-420460-480473-540
Retractable distance of oil cylinderMM300-350340-440420-510460-560
Pin diameterMM50-5560-6570-8090
Working PressureKg/m340-20040-20040-20040-200